Car Pro Wheelbalancer especially equiped for Car Tires.

  • Self-calibration is simple and easy way to operate. If you don’t use the machine for a long time, the machine can quickly restore its accuracy.
  • CB78 adopts capacitor style touch screen, you don’t need a keypad. Touch screen comes with a universal gimbaled adjustment, which can allow the operator to change the position of the monitor as he likes.
  • With inverter control motor rotation and accurate automatic brake.

TUV Rheinland & CE Certified

 Heavy Use

Technical data / Technische Daten / Caractéristiques techniques / Technische gegevens

EN / DE / FR / NL
Rim diameter / Felgendurchmesser / Diamètre jante / Velg diameter 1” - 28” inch
Rim width / Felgenbreite / Largeur jante / Wiel breedte 1,5” - 20” inch
Max. wheel diameter / Max. Raddurchmesser / Diamètre max. de la roue / Max. wiel diameter 1100 mm
Motor power / Motorleistung / Puissance moteur / Motorvermogen 370 watt
Power supply voltage / Stromversorgung / Alimentation électrique / Elektrisch vermogen 230v / 1ph
Max. wheel weight / Max. Radgewicht / Poids max. de la roue / Max. Draagcapaciteit 70 Kg
Rotation speed / Drehgeschwindigkeit / Vitesse de rotation de platine / Draaisnelheid 140 rpm
One balance cycle / Auswucht-Zyklus / Temps de cycle / Meettijd 7 sec.
Balancing precision / Auswucht-Präzision / Précision d’équilibrage / Nauwkeurigheid 1 gram
Dimensions (DxWxH) / Maße (TxBxH) / Dimensions (LxPxH) / Afmetingen (BxDxH) 1390x980x1470 mm
CTN. size / Verpackungs-Maß / Dimensions d’emballage / Verpakkingsafmetingen 1300x1000x1600 mm
Machine weight / Maschinengewicht / Poids de la machine / Machinegewicht 149 kg

2 Years Warranty

Warranty on electrical and pneumatic parts. Excl. attrition parts.

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Properly mounted  tires can improve driver safety, increase fuel efficiency and minimize steering wheel vibration leading to a smoother, more comfortable ride.



The main message to our distributors (and their customers) is to come over and test in the European Bright Premium experience center. Here you can find the entire range of Bright Premium tire machines. A visit is the perfect way to get inspiration on modern tire service equipment possibilities. A team of Bright staff will be happy to demonstrate, train and answer to your questions or concerns that may arise before investing in a piece of capital equipment.


Continually working towards providing high quality products for our customers to underline our determination to give you value for money with our product range.
Our role is to carry out effective quality control including timing and position routing inspection and ensure our Inspection Center always uses professional testing equipment in our aim to achieve our constant goal of zero complaints from our customers.


Which includes our Service Call Center where we service exclusively on the CRM system. We provide global product indepth training sessions to ensure our customers fully understand our products in their own country`s market. All Bright`s service consultants are qualified specialists who habe graduated from University and offer at least five years working experience.

With ‘customer satisfaction’ being the department`s ultimate objective we also provide a special SOP Butler service which includes regular feedback to customers.


32 qualified engineers who devote their working days to providing the best solutions for the future of tire service machinery around the world. We also have a Technology Research and Development base in Italy which provides a solid technical foundation for Bright`s global engineering strategy.